Track 05: Ethanopharmacology


The knowledge of Ethnopharmacology, its holistic and systems approach which is supported by experiential base can serve as an innovative and powerful discovery engine for newer, safer and affordable medicines. Ethno pharmacology is a highly diversified approach for drug discovery which involves the observation, description and experimental investigation of indigenous drugs and their biologic activities that is based on botany, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, and other disciplines (anthropology, archaeology, history, and linguistics) contributing to the discovery of natural products with biologic activity. Ethno pharmacology is a holistic approach to drug development, using the latest technology for measuring as many different parameters as possible to discover possible leads to the mode of action with ethno botanists, ethno pharmacologists, physicians and phytochemists playing a key role.


1. Integrative pharmacological investigations

2. Toxicological issues with Ethanopharmacology

3. Ethnopharmacological perspectives from traditional to modern pharmaceuticals

4. Latest trends in Ethnopharmacology

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