Track 05: Dental Pharmacology

 Dental pharmacology  is the study related to drugs used for treating conditions of the teeth’s and oral cavity. Some of these drugs include antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-periodontitis agents. Dental pharmacology is the investigation and also research of medications used to treat states of the oral cavity. Some of these medications incorporate anti-toxins, analgesics, calming medications and hostile to periodontitis specialists.

Track 5-1 Therapeutic Crises in Dental Practice
Track 5-2 Tranquilize Aassociations & Helpful Employments of Drugs
Track 5-3 Oral Reactions of Medications
Track 5-4 Instruments of Intense Torment
Track 5-5 Medicated Mouthwashes
Track 5-6 Dentifrices

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