Track 09: Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics

Branch of pharmacology dealing with the genetic variations which cause difference in drug response among individuals or population. Example includes succinyl choline which is a skeletal muscle relaxant used in general anesthesia. It is metabolized by pseudo choline esterase and has short duration of action. The presence of an enzyme is determined by the gene and lack of this is recessively inherited. This may lead to respiratory paralysis, apnea and death. Much of the current going clinical interest research is carried out and studied at the level of pharmacokinetics, involving variation in genes involved in drug metabolism with a particular emphasis on improving drug safety.  

Track 9-1 Drug-Drug Interactions 
Track 9-2 Pharmacogenomics study/Test
Track 9-3 Pharmacokinetics
Track 9-4 Tailored Drug Therapy
Track 9-5 Pre-Clinical and Clinical Trials

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