Track 10: Immunopharmacology

Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology is a bimonthly peer-reviewed medical journal that covers preclinical and clinical studies on the regulatory effects of various agents on immunocompetent cells. Understanding the mechanisms by which the immune system works opens many possibilities for investigations within pharmacology. Objectives are principally three-fold: (a) to enhance function in the face of insufficient immune response, (b) to redirect immune processes those themselves may lead to host dysfunction, and (c) to exploit and/or attempt to mimic the exquisite specificity and mobilizing functions of immune responses in drug development.

Track 10-1 Immunization
Track 10-2 Immuno Tolerance

Track 10-3 Immunobiology
Track 10-4 Autoimmune Regulator
Track 10-5 Adoptive Immunity
Track 10-6 Innate Immunity
Track 10-7 Molecular Pathological Epidemology
Track 10-8 Alloimmunity
Track 10-9 Artificial Induction of Immunity

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