Track 11: Pharmacoepidemiology

 Pharmacoepidemiology is the study of the uses and effects of drugs in well-defined populations. To accomplish this study, Pharmacoepidemiology borrows from both pharmacology and epidemiology. Thus, Pharmacoepidemiology is the bridge between both pharmacology and epidemiology. Pharmacoepidemiology deals with the effects of drugs on a large population to check the therapeutic action of drug on various peoples. The effects may be good or harmful. It is conducted in three ways. Such as Observational cohort studies, Case control studies, Phase trials.

Track 11-1 Pharmacoepidemiology & Clinical Research
Track 11-2 Randomised clinical trials
Track 11-3 Prospective and retrospective cohort studies
Track 11-4 Case Control Studies & Case Reports
Track 11-5 Molecular Pharmacoepidemiology
Track 11-6 Clinical Operations
Track 11-7 Clinical Research & Development
Track 11-8 Clinical Quality Assurance/Control
Track 11-9 Clinical Compliance
Track 11-10 Clinical & Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Track 11-11 Clinical Drug Reactions & Interventions

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