Track 12: Cardiovascular pharmacology

Cardiovascular Pharmacology mainly contributes to the safety profile of potential new drugs and provides pharmacological data that can be used for optimization of further compounds and the ultimate selection of compounds suitable for clinical development. Cardiovascular Pharmacology studies the effects and side effects of drugs upon the heart or circulatory systemand includes the results of ADME process of cardiovascular drugs, their therapeutic effect on heart problems. A strong cadre of investigators is interested in cardiovascular pharmacology. Research programs and summits of collaborating faculty span the gamut from single channel and biophysics to whole animal and human investigation.

Track 12-1 Cardiovascular Drugs
Track 12-2 Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of CVD Drugs
Track 12-3 Combination drug therapy
Track 12-4 Anti-Ischemic Drug Therapy
Track 12-5 Drug Therapy for Systemic Hypertension
Track 12-6 Open Heart Surgery
Track 12-7 Angioplasty
Track 12-8 Artificial Heart Valve Surgery
Track 12-8 Bypass Surgery
Track 12-10 Cardiomyoplasty
Track 12-11 Heart Transplant
Track 12-12 Different Techniques Used for Cardiac Surgeries

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