Track 19:Posology

Posology deals with the dosage of drugs. Posology is a vital part of medical and pharmaceutical practice and study, not just for humans, but also for animals. It is the science of determining and understanding drug dosage, as based on research into a huge number of factors. The importance of determining the therapeutic range of a drug cannot be overstated. This is generally defined by the range between the minimum effective dose (MED) and the maximum tolerated dose (MTD). The MED is defined as the lowest dose level of a pharmaceutical product that provides a clinically significant response in average efficacy, which is also statistically significantly superior to the response provided by the placebo. Similarly, the MTD is the highest possible but still tolerable dose level with respect to a pre-specified clinical limiting toxicity. In general, these limits refer to the average patient population. For instances in which there is a large discrepancy between the MED and MTD, it is stated that the drug has a large therapeutic window. Conversely, if the range is relatively small, or if the MTD is less than the MED, then the pharmaceutical product will have little to no practical value.

Track 19-1 Posology and Its Efficacy
Track 19-2 Cross-over, Dose Titration, Parallel Dose Comparison,
 Dose Escalation
Track 19-3 Dose for children, Adult, Old
Track 19-4 Drug legislation & Safety
Track 19-5 low Bioavailability, Biostability
Track 19-6 Unwanted Side Effects

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