Track 20:Translational pharmacology

Rather than going through the well worked phrases of science that goes ‘from bench to bedside’ or from ‘mouse to man’, a more accurate definition might be ‘the application of biomedical research (pre-clinical and clinical), conducted to supportdrug development, which aids in the identification of the appropriate patient for treatment (patient selection), the correct dose and schedule to be tested in the clinic (dosing regimen) and the best disease in which to test a potential agent (disease segment)’. A challenge to say, let alone do, but it is fast becoming one of the most exciting research areas for pharmacologists to work in, as they get to see the translation of their hypotheses into the clinic for testing and other research purposes I the different research centers.

Track 20-1 Designing a Preclinical Pharmacology-Toxicology Program
Track 20-2 Translational Science
Track 20-3 Pre-Clinical & Development Research
Track 20-4 Phase I, II, and III FDA Trials
Track 20-5 Caveats and Complexities

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